Is Cee Lo "Crazy" to Sell 7UP?

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Cee Lo Green, one of America’s most talented singer-songwriters and star of NBC’s “The Voice,” could be called “a little bit crazy” as a pitchman for the soft drink, 7UP. In the spot, a toddler version of Cee Lo associates a can of 7UP with all things good and show biz success.

In Cee Lo’s case, the truth is likely much scarier than fiction. It’s no secret that Cee Lo is heavyset. He could possibly be classified in medical terms as “morbidly obese” if his BMI (body mass index) has eclipsed 40. Unfortunately, morbid obesity typically leads to severe health problems such as diabetes at a relatively young age. There’s a strong possibility online casino dgfev Cee Lo’s weight could sideline his talents much sooner than if he was slimmed down.

Since childhood obesity is a strong indicator of obesity in later life, JiggyHealth was disappointed to see 7UP influencing youngsters with a baby in the crib digging on 7UP. It’s known that parents of obese babies often put juice or soda in their baby bottles. Gulp!

Our hope is that Cee Lo will pass on the next soda endorsement and focus on his health. As fans, we’re hoping he doesn’t say “Forget You” (or worse) to JiggyHealth so we can all have a higher probability of listening to new Cee Lo hits for decades to come.

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The Curse of the Cupcakes

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Several years ago, Sprinkles Cupcakes and other high-end custom “Ding Dong” bakers started making money hand over fist. Some type of virtual dam broke and a slice of upscale pastried pleasure could be had for just a few bucks.

With lines of customers wrapping around trendy shopping malls to get their hands on a velvety cupcake, JiggyHealth was intrigued. Influenced by the trend, our staff started the tradition of buying Sprinkles cupcakes for that oh-so-special occasion: the office birthday party.

It’s fun and enjoyable, but in most offices, there dgfev online casino seems to be a birthday just about every other day. Not to mention, a dozen cupcakes from Sprinkles costs upwards of Not only must travel insurance be available it must be renewable too. $40.

When all is said and done, the frequency of these baked good office attacks is much worse than the cost. In the long run, the true cost is the constant onslaught of sugar and gluten on the tummies of office workers everywhere. In fact, research suggests that the gluten found in many baked goods can be as bad on your digestive system as the sugar.

What to do? JiggyHealth tried organic berries and whipped cream for a couple office birthdays. But after a near revolt, our employee morale department reverted back to the beloved Sprinkles.

Now that the company has added a gluten-free version of their signature Red Velvet cupcake, there’s no hope for us. We are forever, and happily, cursed by the Sprinkles cupcake. As the wise man said, “Everything in moderation.”

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Is Disney Gassing Its Guests?

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Autotopia, one of Disneyland’s most beloved and classic attractions, has been a favorite for decades. The go-kart ride has been a hit for a simple reason: it’s given kids their first taste of driving on the open road.

For years, the attraction has been sponsored by Chevron, and guests waiting in line are exposed to the cuddly animated car mascots created by British animator Aardman used to promote its Techron fuel brand.

However, as any visitor to Autotopia knows, there’s a funny smell in the air. Since the go-karts are gas powered, exhaust permeates the area around the The official health marketplace for State”s not running casino online their own exchange is www. ride. And one of the byproducts of gas exhaust is benzene, a known carcinogen. This online casino is the same benzene we breath every day when navigating the freeways and parking garages across America.

So what’s the big deal? For starters, it would be nice to have the “Happiest Place on Earth” a little less smoggy. But more importantly, isn’t it time Disney and Chevron stop promoting the combustion engine as a solution for the future? The new Cars Land at California Adventure gives the impression that Disney is more nostalgic about gas guzzlers rather than concerned about global warming.

JiggyHealth would love to see the antiquated gas karts at Disneyland replaced with emission-free electric ones. A small Southern California upstart, K-1 Speed, offers electric kart racing up to 25 mph. We’ve tried the electric karts for ourselves, and all we can say is, “Hold on to your hats and glasses!”

There’ll be trouble in Tomorrowland until our society makes the difficult transition from polluting combustion engines to cleaner technologies. It’s good for our health and for the environment. And is there no better place to hope for this happy ending than Disneyland?

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Talkin' Smack about AYSO Snack

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Does American Idol Need a Nutritionist?

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The fat lady has sung. American Idol Season 11 is now just a fading memory and like clockwork, the AI summer tour begins in Detroit on July 6th. But earlier this season, medical emergencies like Phillip Phillips’ kidney issues and Joshua Ledet’s near collapse took center stage.

Even before the intensity of the Top 5, contestants were dropping like flies due to stress and illness. Not helping matters were the bulging wastelines sported by several of the young contestants.

Next season, “American Idol” could use a full-time, live-in nutritionist and life coach to help the performers cope with the madness. Less caffeine, better hydration and an オンライン カジノ improved diet could help those like Phillip Phillips with kidney problems. But a little coffee would have been good for that poor little girl who fainted and tumbled off the stage during Hollywood week!

Congratulations to Phillip, Jessica and Joshua, all winners in our book. And to Jessica Sanchez (the second coming of Mariah), don’t worry. Tommy Mottola has got your number.

Do you agree? Leave us your thoughts and comments.


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Can the Deadliest Catch Be Less Deadly?

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One of cable’s top rated and most dangerous television shows, “Deadliest Catch,” is mesmerizing to watch. In nearly every episode, crab fishermen operating heavy machinery in gale-force winds come close to death, or actually die.

One of the constant themes in the show is the lack of sleep. Crew members often get two to four hours of sleep per night, multiple days in row. Occasionally, a boat captain like Sig Hansen of the Northwestern will push his crew and himself to the point of exhaustion, getting minimal sleep for over 48 hours or It is about how all these technologies come together to give the right insights, casino spiele at the right time, based on the right recover deleted files — whether it is オンライン カジノ generated by people, machines, or the web. more. Due to the extreme nature and remote location of crab fishing, the culture has been left to its own. But now with the United States connecting to watch young men get injured due to a lack of the most basic of safety protections for crew members, the issue can’t be ignored.

Studies have shown that even after just one night of deprived sleep, cognition and decision making becomes as severely impaired as being legally intoxicated. Being chronically sleep deprived can also increase your risk of obesity. Would captains like Keith Colburn of the Wizard feel comfortable getting on a plane ride home from Dutch Harbor with a pilot who just worked 48 hours with no sleep?

These old salts would probably crack a beer and hop in the jumper seat without concern. But seriously, a bit more sleep and possibly some hard-hat protection would be a good start. How do these boats get away with not following basic OSHA safety standards anyway? Let us know what you think.


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Is Costco Killing You?

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It’s no secret that obesity has reached pandemic proportions in this country. However, it’s not often mentioned in the same breath as the rise of big-box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. JiggyHealth has observed that the proliferation of large warehouse stores beginning in the early 1980s correlates closely with the rise of obesity in the United States during the same period.

One JiggyHealth staffer remembers vividly when a schoolmate brought a backpack to school loaded with full-sized Snickers and Hershey’s bars purchased from Price Club, the forerunner of Costco. The year was 1983, and the boy made a handsome profit quietly selling the candy bars to students at retail price. With a hungry and captive market, the schoolmate casino spiele continued his experiment in capitalism until the principal caught on. Was this boy the canary in the coal mine?

Research has shown that our prehistoric brains are wired to eat everything in front of us. It’s evolution’s way of coping with famine. To our online casinos brains, 50 snack-sized bags of Doritos are 50 delicious opportunities to survive. Since processed foods are hyper-engineered to taste good, willpower becomes even more difficult. And because famine is not a regular occurrence, it’s easy to gain weight. Studies have shown that obesity can lead to a shortened lifespan.

Just like the school principal, parents must be the superintendents of their own cupboards and enact a ban on large portions of supersized junk food items in their homes. Ultimately the rule, “Out of sight, out of mind” applies. But don’t stop shopping at Costco, just pick up a jumbo portion of wild Alaskan salmon fillets or baby carrots instead.

What do you think? Leave us your comments and questions.


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