The Curse of the Cupcakes

Several years ago, Sprinkles Cupcakes and other high-end custom “Ding Dong” bakers started making money hand over fist. Some type of virtual dam broke and a slice of upscale pastried pleasure could be had for just a few bucks.

With lines of customers wrapping around trendy shopping malls to get their hands on a velvety cupcake, JiggyHealth was intrigued. Influenced by the trend, our staff started the tradition of buying Sprinkles cupcakes for that oh-so-special occasion: the office birthday party.

It’s fun and enjoyable, but in most offices, there dgfev online casino seems to be a birthday just about every other day. Not to mention, a dozen cupcakes from Sprinkles costs upwards of Not only must travel insurance be available it must be renewable too. $40.

When all is said and done, the frequency of these baked good office attacks is much worse than the cost. In the long run, the true cost is the constant onslaught of sugar and gluten on the tummies of office workers everywhere. In fact, research suggests that the gluten found in many baked goods can be as bad on your digestive system as the sugar.

What to do? JiggyHealth tried organic berries and whipped cream for a couple office birthdays. But after a near revolt, our employee morale department reverted back to the beloved Sprinkles.

Now that the company has added a gluten-free version of their signature Red Velvet cupcake, there’s no hope for us. We are forever, and happily, cursed by the Sprinkles cupcake. As the wise man said, “Everything in moderation.”

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