Does American Idol Need a Nutritionist?

American Idol 2012 / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

The fat lady has sung. American Idol Season 11 is now just a fading memory and like clockwork, the AI summer tour begins in Detroit on July 6th. But earlier this season, medical emergencies like Phillip Phillips’ kidney issues and Joshua Ledet’s near collapse took center stage.

Even before the intensity of the Top 5, contestants were dropping like flies due to stress and illness. Not helping matters were the bulging wastelines sported by several of the young contestants.

Next season, “American Idol” could use a full-time, live-in nutritionist and life coach to help the performers cope with the madness. Less caffeine, better hydration and an オンライン カジノ improved diet could help those like Phillip Phillips with kidney problems. But a little coffee would have been good for that poor little girl who fainted and tumbled off the stage during Hollywood week!

Congratulations to Phillip, Jessica and Joshua, all winners in our book. And to Jessica Sanchez (the second coming of Mariah), don’t worry. Tommy Mottola has got your number.

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