Is Cee Lo "Crazy" to Sell 7UP?

Ethan Miller / Billboards 2012 / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Cee Lo Green, one of America’s most talented singer-songwriters and star of NBC’s “The Voice,” could be called “a little bit crazy” as a pitchman for the soft drink, 7UP. In the spot, a toddler version of Cee Lo associates a can of 7UP with all things good and show biz success.

In Cee Lo’s case, the truth is likely much scarier than fiction. It’s no secret that Cee Lo is heavyset. He could possibly be classified in medical terms as “morbidly obese” if his BMI (body mass index) has eclipsed 40. Unfortunately, morbid obesity typically leads to severe health problems such as diabetes at a relatively young age. There’s a strong possibility online casino dgfev Cee Lo’s weight could sideline his talents much sooner than if he was slimmed down.

Since childhood obesity is a strong indicator of obesity in later life, JiggyHealth was disappointed to see 7UP influencing youngsters with a baby in the crib digging on 7UP. It’s known that parents of obese babies often put juice or soda in their baby bottles. Gulp!

Our hope is that Cee Lo will pass on the next soda endorsement and focus on his health. As fans, we’re hoping he doesn’t say “Forget You” (or worse) to JiggyHealth so we can all have a higher probability of listening to new Cee Lo hits for decades to come.

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